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"My mother is 92 and has gradually lost most of her vision, so this has been such a great assist for her. Prior to getting this cane about a year ago, she had about 3-4 others but now because of the strong light, she uses the StrideLight™ Cane exclusively". Robert C, Caregiver

*This is the BEST cane and I'm so glad a friend knew about it.  I've been struggling trying to do my walk at night but falling because it is dark where I live.  Everyone sees the cane and can see me too.  Best invention and good quality.  Unfortunately, most seniors buy their "senior" products at the drugstore (Walgreens) and they have the basic cane.  I was a caregiver for many people who had canes and only wish I had known about this one back then.  I was able to go to a night zoo event and there was ice and snow in place on the sidewalk.  I could see to walk around the slick spots.  People stopped and asked me where I got it.  I now can’t live without it.  Thanks!. P.C., Traveler

"My parents are in their 80's and have began to require some assistance with many activities. My father has macular degeneration, his vision is slowly failing. Walking in areas with low light or evening was very frustrating to him, not to mention dangerous. My mother is very unstable on her feet due to problems with her back and feet. She has fallen many times and we lovingly call her - Crash." 

As a result of these changes, I am always on the prowl for tools or hacks to make life easier for them and keep them safe.  When I saw the StrideLight™ Cane  I was so excited because I immediately thought it was a great idea and could help them, I looked at several other brands online and less expensive, but they looked bulky, cumbersome, heavy and not well designed.  I decided to buy two StrideLight™ Canes,  it was the pictures of a person going down a dark staircase that made me move forward.   It was my mother's birthday,  I presented them to her and told her I had to buy dad one because I didn't want to make him feel left out. Of course the truth is I wanted to them to use them a.s.a.p. and couldn't wait!

My mom can be very particular about things and is sometimes very skeptical about new things, so you can imagine how delighted I was when she tried waling around with it and said, "you know I feel much more stable with this cane."

We went to dinner that night and it was so cool to see how bright and clear the light was, it made both of them feel safer.  My mom had been using a cane that was at least 15 years old and I wasn't sure she would be willing to keep it, but she isn't giving it up anytime soon! She delights in telling her friends and sisters how great the cane is.      -D.N, Caregiver


The StrideLight™ Cane  is just like turning on the headlights of your car.  I meant to tell you about my first foray into big social circles with my cane. You may have seen that some friends and I went to a "Christmas Concert" and discovered we had bought tickets to a heavy metal rock musical concert. The cane was invaluable. I was a little hesitant on entry, but used it to light the stairs going down to our seats (we were in the third level of the American Airlines Arena.) But after the concert, going up the stairs and out into the street, across traffic and into and up the escalator in the parking garage, I could walk with great ease. And my friends were just amazed.

I have always trusted the cane on flat surfaces and walkways, but because I don't have good depth perception going down stairs, am still learning to use the can to feel my way down. But I think all I need is practice.

Thanks again for developing such a wonderful product. It is becoming more and more a valuable accessory to my active life.                                                                                                                                                            -S.R. Glaucoma patient

"I want you to know what a lifesaver the lighted cane was for me in the dark after the tornado hit. When the storm passed, all my carpeted floors were covered with glass shards and all matter of debris - they imploded in the storm, something I didn't expect. I keep things where I can find them and grabbed the cane which worked better than a flashlight. It enabled me to get around in the dark without having one of my children at my elbow". S.R. Glaucoma Patient

I had to take the train at 6:30 am, in the dark.  I try to be as independent as practical and do not want to impose on others for help in getting around.  Since I had to walk on the roadway, facing oncoming traffic, I found two advantages with the cane. I felt secure in being able to see where I was walking with clear, wide and forward lighting. I am particularly cautious about not seeing uneven surfaces to avoid stumbling or falling. Secondly, the light beam covered a rather large area of the roadway and the oncoming traffic slowed and cautiously passed by widely, no doubt because of the light.

This past weekend I had the occasion to use the StrideLight™ Cane at Bentley's Restaurant in Vermont. It was indeed helpful going to and from the car and inside the restaurant. The restaurant had several two-step levels that were easily revealed by the light. The cane certainly inspired confidence. A number of patrons in the restaurant commented on the cane.

By the way, I do not really need a cane for walking but I have found it does enhance my feelings of security, and stability.  It seems that I get greater courtesy and recognition that I must say at times may be somewhat embarrassing, but also appreciated. -R.M. macular degeneration patient

When asked to partake in this cane experiment, I felt proud and excited to have my input and opinion as a senior citizen asked for.   I am most happy to provide any information to make traveling for someone who is elderly or has any bad eyesight easier.  My first experience with walking with this cane was on a dark, rainy evening.  My eyesight at night is not the best and walking in an environment that is wet and slippery can be a bit scary.  This was actually the first time I used this cane.  It was wonderful to be able to experience independence by using this cane to maneuver from the car in the driveway to the pathway that led to the front door of my daughter's home, all by myself.   The light at the end of the cane provided  just what I needed to see steps and small elevations so I could get to my destination safely.  The best part of this was actually the independence for me and that I did not have to rely on another person to get me to where I wanted to go.  This cane feels like a beacon to Independence. -M.J. S.  Traveler

I thank you for the opportunity to "see" and use your cane.  Many blind people find it necessary to be out at night and this would allow the public to see them in the dark.  I trust you will continue on your quest to help make our lives better and our jobs easier to do.  The blind need people like you.  Thank you. -M.F., Legally Blind Traveler              

See better at night. Could really help at steps and curbs. -C.I., Legally Blind Traveler 

I was surprised at the intensity of the light given its size. The back lighting at 45″ is very good feature it lights up all areas within ones line of vision. Received very positive feedback from members of our bridge club. If the company needs sales representatives I would be a candidate. -B.D., Traveler

"I gave my StrideLight™ Walking Cane to a friend that has very serious macular degeneration and she loves it!  She uses it primarily at night when she needs to get to the bathroom and has found that the amount of light provided means that she doesn't need to turn all the lights on, which allows her to get back to sleep easier. -S.H., Buyer

I have some feedback on the StrideLight™ Cane from a good friend who retired and then studied to become an EMT in his post-retirement life. He LOVES the cane - said it's brilliant. -M.D. Low Vision Therapist

Using the StrideLight™ has allowed me to move like my old self again. As a sufferer of Neuropathy, my mobility and balance are both impaired. StrideLight™ gives me the support I need to walk independently while also providing an amazing amount of light that takes away the apprehension of moving around in the dark. After trying other lighted devices, this one truly makes a difference.                          -J.N., Traveler with Peripheral Neuropathy

5-Star Amazon Reviews
Sturdy and Bright by Verified Purchase

I recently came across someone with a lit cane I thought it was a good idea. A search of Amazon returned about a zillion products! Many canes had a clear plastic shaft at the bottom which gave me some concern. As a rather large gentleman (alright, I'm an old fat guy) I was pleased to come across this all aluminum cane. It has the "push button" positive lock for height adjustment and is just as sturdy as any cane I've used. The 2 AA cells are in the handle and the on/off button is in the end cap. The battery cap is also solid aluminum and won't be easily broken. The amount of light produced by the high mounted is bright and and widespread. Very satisfied -    5.0 out of 5 stars  

Light and Bright by Kevin - Verified Purchase

Actually gave this to my mom who has a pending hip procedure. It is a very light and sturdy cane and the light is very bright and well positioned for floor/ground coverage. It ships assembled (batteries not included - 2 x AA) which is great and the height adjustment is telescoping with button hole increments. This is nice because it is much more safe and stable than the traditional twist/friction adjustment canes. Solid rubber bottom that should wear well and last. The only thing I'd recomend if the manufacturer is reading this, the on off buttom for the light is nice but the cap could be improved by making it a threaded screw cap as opposed to the notched fitting as is. Great value either way though. 5.0 out of 5 stars  

Great Buy for the Price by Steven - Verified Purchase

Bought the StrideLight™ LED Cane for my grandfather who has been using his late dads outdated wooden cane. He loves that the cane, doesn't "walk" off the counter top when setting it down, and he is surprised how bright the LED shines when getting up in the middle of the night to go to the bathroom, He doesn't have to turn on the house lights that wake up my grandmother. Great buy for the price, and a conversation piece for him at the local burger king when meeting the old work gang for coffee in the morning.  5.0 out of 5 stars

StrideLight™ LED Cane is Great by Robert G - Verified Purchase

I like the StrideLight™ cane. The handle fits me more comfortably than my present cane. And, of course, the light is very helpful. It is just the right brightness and lights my pathway very well. The cane is very stable providing a confident base for movement. The adjustable feature makes this useful for either myself or my husband. I have a frozen shoulder so I have to make slight adjustments depending on how it feels on a particular day. I really like this product. 5.0 out of 5 stars

This Cane is Great! by Amazon Customer Verified Purchase 

The StrideLight™ Cane is well designed, sturdy and the light is as clear and bright as the photos online. Wonderful product, I can't say enough good about this cane, I highly recommend it for anyone who has low vision!   5.0 out of 5 stars

Convenient, Attractive and Practical! by Eileen D Verified Purchase

This sturdy, yet lightweight, cane is excellent. The built in light provides safety at night as well as illumination in shadows during the day. The matte black finish with brass trim is very attractive and the attached strap is handy. The light is also good for reading price tags in stores and menus in restaurants. Overall a boon to those of us who need it!  5.0 out of 5 stars 

She Loves It and I Feel Like A Good Son by Marcus D - Verified Purchase

I bought this cane for my mother who was afraid of falling when walking in her driveway at night. The light is so bright that it lights up everything in her path so she can walk to the car at night without being afraid of falling. She loves it and I feel like a good son. Thanks  5.0 out of 5 stars

Great Cane! by David R - Verified Purchase

I'm 6′ 5′ and the cane easily adjusted to fit me. The cane is light weight, sturdy and well made. The bright light is the icing on the cake. This will definitely help me nurse my ankle back.     5.0 out of 5 stars  

Nice for night vision and walking at night in dim lit areas

By  Music Rules  Verified Purchase

Nice and convenient to be able to see in the dark. 5.0 out of 5 stars

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